imove’s white-label platform

Everything you need to offer car subscription. It is not our way - it is your way! Both Lexus and Toyota already uses our platform. You could be next!

Cloud-based digital machinery

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imove has built a cloud-based digital machinery that gives imove customers the seamless and flexible life of a car subscription. Customers can easily onboard, choose their car and order services using MyPage. 

imove has secure authentication of customers, credit check for assessment, reliable monthly payments, automated toll passings, fleet management, data analytics and a series of micro services making car subscription auto-magic.

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The imove platform is not just for us

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That is why we have built it as a white-label platform. Car dealerships, manufacturers, leasing companies and others can use the platform offering innovative car subscription services to their customers. 

A powerful process engine and API gateway let 3rd parties decide their inventory of cars, unique building blocks (specific insurance, financing ++), customer journey and look and feel. Everything built for scale and fast forward development!

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Existing imove service

Runs on the imove platform as a built-in customer

Third party car subscription

imove white-label platform

Key components for your car subscription

Responsive web solution and native apps.
Fleet management platform with OBDII-supported real-time geo loacation, gyre and car data integrated.
Fully automated onboarding with bank level authentication, digital signature and secure recurring payments. Payments even include toll road integration.
Virtual key and car sharing readiness.
Cloud-based infrastructure with an API-platform that integrates building blocks.
Content management system and advanced analytics to understand user behavior.
MyPage for getting additional services and user administration.
Process flow engine for customizing user journey and automation of manual processes.

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