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Fun, simple and flexible. The e-scooter subscription starts from 490 / month.

From A to B – easily!

The imove electric scooter is a fun and super efficient way of getting from A to B, all while being great for the environement. Get kicking!

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With a monthly imove subscription you can have your own e-scooter as long as you like. At it's always available when you need it!

Playful, green and efficient!

Get yourself quickly from A to B in a fun and efficient way! Lock and unlock using the imove app!

Get kickin'!

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1.Get kicking! If your e-scooter were to need any maintenance, it will be taken care of by us!

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fungerer det

Our customers are located all over Norway. Take a look at how some of our current customers are experiencing their new green and flexible mobility.

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